Songwriting Sessions

For all musical abilities or even non-musicians, writers or poets. Our songwriting sessions are relaxed group meetings where we share ideas, thoughts and constructive discussions to help with music and/or lyric writing and structure.

FireTower will organise regular group gigs and periodically use the recording facilities to produce albums as the group matures and embarks on different projects.

Our songwriting sessions are an hour and are held every Wednesday evening at 6pm at the Worksop Studio at the Worksop Creative Village.


£20 per month

As a member of the group, you will be entitled to discount rates off of studio time, mixing and/or mastering services and engineer time.
£1 additional charge per meeting will be required for the 'kitty' which will provide tea, coffee and milk for the group.

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 Every Wednesday
6:00 - 7:00pm
Worksop Creative Village, Canal Road
call 07747 010002 to reserve your space

Places limited

Group Sessions

Guitar only &
Mixed instument
£15 per hour

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1 to 1 Lessons

Several Instruments
£30 per hour

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