Mastering is often overlooked and is the most critical final process between your finished mixdown and a marketable, polished and professional sounding end product.

The subject of mastering is vast but in short (very!), it involves the experienced ear of a mastering engineer and many post-production processes and specialist tools. This includes compression, limiting, equalization, editing, image tools, expansion & fades to name just a few.
Each project requires different treatment due to the specific genre and each individual song using one to maybe all of the above, to achieve balance within the individual track itself and from song to song.

Mastering is a crucial final touch to make your great mix sound professional, and stand up against commercial releases. You can send us a track to be mastered, we will then beam it back and you will only be charged once you are 100% happy with the end result. If we think you could make adjustments within your mix to ensure the best possible master we will inform you, and give you the chance to fix and better prepare for mastering.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements, and we will go through the whole process with you and explain how your tracks can be prepared pre-master.

Mastering is included when you record with us, otherwise, we charge £20 per track with discounts available upon multiple tracks & albums etc...

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